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Here under some articles written by Mike de Jong. Some have been published in various magasines and others are published here for the first time. A number of articles are only available upon request and you will be directed to the contact page when this is the case.

Choice of disinfectant crucial for optimal hygiene

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More on Biofilm

Rose propagation with Loxyde at Ludwig's Roses in South-Africa.

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Continual dosage of Loxyde in strawberries. 

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Does Hydrogen peroxide have any effect on insect populations?

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Environment friendly solution to treating Monilinia (brown rot)

The importance of oxygen in drip irrigation systems for optimising crop production

L’importance de l’oxygène dissous dans l’eau d’irrigation

Choix du désinfectant crucial pour une hygiène optimale

A simple solution to neutralising ammonium in liquid manure

The use of stabilised and activated hydrogen peroxide against Corona virus COVID 19

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R-EAU helps to hyper-oxygenate water and increase its energy vibration. This means better yields, lower diseases, etc.. find out more in this article.

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