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Hyper-oxygenation of irrigation water

Most irrigation water is oxygen depleted which causes plant stress as well as depleted oxygen levels in the soil. The problem is that water requires an oxygen balance and will aggressively take oxygen away from any source it can in order to restore its oxygen balance. Oxygen depletion is responsible for lower yield, plant diseases, collapsing soil structure etc…

Water and oxygen are the 2 basics of all life on earth. We as humans cannot do without it and neither can  plants and soils.

A lack of soil oxygen is cause by:

  • Poorly oxygenated irrigation water – most irrigation water is oxygen poor

  • Soil compaction

  • Poor soil health – breakdown of soil structure

  • Low soil organic matter

  • Poor soil micro-flaura

  •  Chemical pollution – residues of agri-chemicals

                          LOXSOIL – for outdoor soils:




Loxsoil was created specifically for the purpose of adding oxygen to the soil to restore soil health and promote soil de-compaction. It has many other benefits

Benefits of using Loxsoil:

  • Significantly increases soil ability to de-compact

  • Increase soil micro-flora activity.

  • Promotes restoration of soil structure

    • Improves soil drainage

    • Improves water holding capacity of the soil

    • Increases soil oxygen retention

    • Increases CO2 holding capacity of the soil

    • Increases capillary action of the soil

  • Pasture will grow approximately 2-3 times faster. Other crops also grow more rapidly.

  • Promotes a well-developed root system.

  • Significantly reduces nematode presence - they do not like oxygen rich environments.

  • Significantly reduces certain diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium, phytophthora as they do not like oxygen rich environments.

  • Aeration promotes root development and root respiration in saline conditions

  • Increases oxygen levels in soils that is independent of the water carrying capacity of the water. This enables the water to transport more oxygen and prevent plant root damage, plant damage, reduction in flowering and loss of yield.

  • Helps to increase yield, shelf-life of produce – fruit, vegetables, cut flowers, etc. The type of crop is irrelevant as we are treating the soil and any crop growing will benefit.

  • Increases plant vitality and natural resistance to disease and insects.

  • Hyper-oxygenation also significantly increase water efficiency with savings between 15 - 70% depending on crop type & compared to non-oxygenated water.

  • Increases the effect of bio-stimulants by about 25%.

  • Increases growth & population of soil fungi such as Mycorrhizal fungi by ± 20%

Loxsoil is a soil conditioner containing oxygen to help stimulate the soil, plant roots & the soil micro-flora

logo LoxSoil


                         R-EAU - for (Drip) irrigation systems


R-EAU is a different formulation to Loxsoil as the environment it is used in is very different. R-EAU is used in drip irrigation systems either outdoor or in greenhouses

The sole purpose of R-EAU is to provide an important source of slow release oxygen to the water for the purpose of hyper-oxygenating irrigation water which prevents plant hypoxia when plants are watered. Just as with Loxsoil this oxygen surplus is independent of the normal carrying capacity of the water.

R_EAU benefits are similar to Loxsoil with some additional benefits:

  • Hyper-oxygenation of irrigation water generally results in an increase in crop yields of up to 96% depending on the type of crop and substrate.

  • Significantly reduces instances of disease as well as plant mortality.

​R-EAU is a soil conditioner containing oxygen to help stimulate the soil, plant roots & the soil micro-flora

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