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de Jong ECOservices was created in the 1990's by Mike de Jong. Mike had been involved with stabilised peroxides for a number of years by then and decided that the best way forward was to start his own company initially buying in and selling stabilised hydrogen peroxide. 

Initially Mike sold "Silver peroxide" and also worked as consultant for various manufacturers of silver peroxide. But, Mike wasn't very happy about the silver-nitrate in silver peroxide due to environmental concerns. 

Mike eventually solved this by using his years of knowledge and creating a stabilised hydrogen peroxide that contains absolutely no heavy metals and fully breaks down into water and oxygen. LOXYDE was born!

Mike has an incredible understanding of how peroxides work and the differences between the various types of stabilised peroxides on the market.

Since initially creating Loxyde, Mike has developed various other formulations, some tailor made to very specific applications. Although Mike has a background in agriculture/horticulture and fully understands the specific needs required for water treatment and biofilm control in irrigation systems, over the years he has gained an incredible amount of practical knowledge in for instance Legionella control, CIP cleaning and has a profound understand of how micro-organisms "think" and how to best control them.... Incidentally his nickname is: the King of peroxides! (conferred to him by his competitors)

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