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biocide and biofilm remover

Loxyde is a highly stabilised and activated hydrogen peroxide formulation that has a proven track record of as a disinfectant / Biocide and is highly effective at removing and preventing biofilm.

Disinfectant / Biocide

LOXYDE®’s unique formula is based on hydrogen peroxide. LOXYDE is stabilised through the means of micro-encapsulation. To further increase Loxyde’s biocide effect we have added an activator which enhances its properties at the molecular level, thereby significantly increasing the effect of the hydrogen peroxides disinfecting properties. This combination provides a very stable AND powerful broad spectrum disinfectant that is completely safe to the environment, yet leaves no unpleasant tastes or odours.  LOXYDE® has bactericidal, algicidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal efficacy.














Advantages of LOXYDE®

  • Fast and long lasting effect (hours/days depending on dosage) on surfaces and in water distribution systems.

  • It remains effective through a pH range of 2 - 9

  • Highly effective even in low concentrations.

  • Not corrosive on equipment

  • Effective & fast sanitation program with spraying & fogging

  • Effective in a wide range of temperatures up to the boiling point.

  • Easy to apply, easy to monitor – breaks down into water and oxygen

  • Tasteless and odourless

  • Biodegradable.

  • Non-toxic at user dosage.

  • No metals or carcinogens


Loxyde on Biofilm

Besides being an excellent disinfectant / biocide, Loxyde is incredibly effective at removing biofilm.

For this purpose it is extensively used in water irrigation systems to remove the biofilm and to prevent biofilm from coming back.

















Why are biofilms bad?

Water distribution systems (eg irrigation system, drinking water systems) have become a huge industry as they allow for significant water saving. However they are also ideal breeding grounds for micro-organisms which form significant biofilm communities throughout the entire system.


Number of Micro-Organisms (M.O.) in 1 cm2 of 1 μm (micron) thickness = 5 million M.O.


A Biofilm is easily 50 microns thick.... so in just 1 cm2 x 50 microns we already have approx: 250,000,000 M.O.  now multiply this by the diameter of the pipe and the length of the pipe.... This means that there are trillions of M.O. in a water distribution system, all reproducing approximately every 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Furthermore biofilm M.O. are inherently more aggressive and resistant than the same organism not originating from a biofilm. So in an irrigation system, plants are subjected to huge numbers of highly aggressive and resistant micro-organisms each time they are watered. Take away the biofilm and disease problems decrease by 80%, yields go up, plant well being goes up as they can use the energy they were spending on M.O. defense in growth and development. Same with water distribution systems in animal sheds. Get rid of biofilm and animal welfare and productivity goes up.



This is  the fasted method for disinfection a room, hall, shed.

Simply fog the recommended dose, let fog settle, aerate and within 20-30 minutes the room can be used. Rinsing is not required

Note: Loxyde is a approved disinfectant in Thailand (DLD registration) and in Australia. It is not yet approved in other countries


Biofilm removal in a bubble bath

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