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logo Loxyde

Biocide / Disinfectant

Biofilm removal

LOXYDE - is a unique formulation of hydrogen peroxide that has been stabilised and activated through our special technique. This makes Loxyde highly effective against a wide range of micro-organisms - bacteria, fungus, viruses. It is also effective against spores which most peroxides (stabilised and non- stabilised) cannot claim. 


Loxyde is highly effective against Biofilm. It is the best choice for removing and controlling biofilm in water systems such as drip irrigation systems. 


Loxyde is a non-rinse surface disinfectant.

Loxyde can easily be fogged


Loxyde is active up to 72 hours and has a 2 year shelf-life.

Logo R-EAU

Hyper-oxygenation in greenhouses

Technical aid


R-Eau  is a technical aid / soil conditioner for hyper-oxygenating drip-irrigation or treatment water. 


Most irrigation water used in horticulture is oxygen poor.

Oxygen is of primary importance to irrigation water as well as to treatment water. Water requires an oxygen balance and without it it will aggressively seek out oxygen anywhere it can obtain it, making the water highly agressive. This has a huge negative influence on its environment, plants may suffer from oxygen deficiency (hypoxia). When plant roots don't get enough oxygen, they become less permeable, take in less water, and can no longer absorb nutrients properly. Toxins also begin to build up. If oxygen deprivation continues, plants begin to “starve” from lack of nutrition. Roots begin to die, and plant growth is stunted.


Irrigation water: Oxygen plays a highly important role in the natural prevention of plant diseases and will significantly increase crop and root development often leading to increased yields. 


Treatment water that is hyper-oxygenated has shown that it makes the treatment chemicals much more effective. This allows users to reduce dosage and obtain better results.

logo LoxSoil

Soil conditioner



Soil decompaction

LOXSOIL was created specifically for the purpose of adding a slow release source of oxygen to the soil to assist the soil micro & macro flora to rapidly restore soil health as well as promote soil de-compaction. LoxSoil provides a surplus of oxygen to the soil which strongly stimulates the soils own micro & macro fauna.


Soil Health: In damaged & compacted soils, soil oxygen levels are far below what the soil biological life and plant root system requires. This leads to soil compaction, increase in plant diseases, nematodes - plant pathogens & nematodes prefer low oxygen soil levels.  LoxSoil will help boost the M.O. activity to rapidly clean up the soil of harmful chemicals, convert other chemicals into nutrients, restructure the soil and de-compact the soil.  


Soil decompaction: As Loxsoil slowly breaks down and expands in the soil it will force the soil to gently decompact and then allow the M.O. to restructure the damaged soil.

Logo GierO2

Technical aid

Liquid manure conditioner

Neutralises ammonia

GierO2 rapidly activates the nitrifying M.O. in liquid manure and nitrifies ammonia to nitrite and nitrate. It also liquidifies the manure making it much easier to pump out of the holding tank.

Treated manure will also assimilate much better and faster in the soil. GierO2 improves the fertilising value of liquid manure by 70% strongly reducing chemical fertiliser requirement.​\

GierO2 fully breaks down to water and oxygen leaving absolutely no residues

Logo Me4tO2

Technical aid

Oxygenates drinking water

MetO2 was initially produced to aid in reducing the amount of Methane gas a cow produces through burping. 

Other benefits soon became clear:

  1. Increase in milk production of ±1 L milk per cow per day

  2. Increase milk fat % by ±0.5%

  3. Decrease in cell count

  4. Decrease in milk urea content

  5. Decrease in instances of mastitis

  6. Much better food absorption (according to sieve test)

MetO2 is dosed at 50ml / 1000 Litres water.

Cost of MetO2 is approx $ 0.007 per litre milk (depending on local milk price this may vary)

The selection of products manufactured by de Jong ECOservices are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

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