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NOTLOX REDUCES LEVELS OF Glyphosate based herbicides by 80%

A few months ago I introduced NOTLOX. In short NOTLOX is a technical aid/conditioner that is fully environment friendly that helps reduce the dosage of glyphosate based herbicides (e.g.: Roundup). Glyphosate based herbicides are the most widely applied pesticides in the world and are effective against both broadleaf plants and grasses.


Since we introduced NOTLOX to the market we have received some very interesting feedback from users. All confirming that NOTLOX was effective at reducing the dosage of Glyphosate based herbicides by 80% without losing effectiveness.


Users are interested in NOTLOX for a number of reasons:

  • Environmental concerns regarding soil pollution - Glyphosate is acutely toxic to fish and birds and can kill beneficial insects (e.g.: bees) and soil organisms that maintain ecological balance.

  • Consumer concerns – due to environmental & health concerns consumers do not want products sprayed with Glyphosate

  • Financial savings – NOTLOX can save 80% of the costs of buying Glyphosate based herbicides which have recently significantly increased due to the worldwide shortages. NOTLOX costs less than € 1.00 per Hectare.

  • Farmers don’t like using it but often don’t have a choice. If they can decrease dosage and obtain the same results they will.

  • Legally binding EU-level targets by 2030 to reduce by 50% the use of agricultural chemicals (pesticides and herbicides).



Yes more testing is being done and we will publish them when available.

Resistance problem:

Some weeds have become resistant to Glyphosate based herbicides, whereas others require higher dosage. To date, glyphosate resistance has been confirmed in 41 weed species worldwide. Resistance happens due to the repeated use of the same herbicide, or herbicides with similar modes of action on a weed population.

Due to the resistance problem in some areas tests will soon be undertaken to determine if the combination of NOTLOX + normal dosage of a Glyphosate based herbicide will be able to counter the effect of the weed resistance.


Currently some 140 million kg of Glyphosate based herbicide is used annually – this all ends up in the environment. NOTLOX can play a significant role in significantly reducing this and is an important step towards eventually farming without harmful agri-chemicals.

NOTLOX has an important role to play in reducing the levels of harmful Glyphosate based herbicides, it will help to save our health, insects and increase soil health.

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