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For the consumer market there is a range of stabilised hydrogen peroxide products that that have been tested and sold over the past 5-6- years. Users of this range of products claim to experience various benefits not all of which are listed below.

This started after I was able to help a number of people suffering from long term protozoa (Amoeba/candida) problems. Traditional treatment had not worked for these people and they were having to live their daily life on a strict diet and were suffering from Low levels of energy and prone to regular bouts of colds and flu as their immune system was heavily burdened. Adding a couple of drops of 3% Stabilised hydrogen peroxide to everything they drank, added oxygen to their stomach. Protozoa hate oxygen and within days the users were feeling much better and had higher levels of energy. Continuing using the drops over a period of time ensured the protozoa never returned. 

Product Display



Drip bottle - 3-5% solution.

Application: Add 2-3 drops to all liquids you drink

Raindrop dispensing bottles

Can help with: mood changes, Detocs, Energy, Amoebe /Candida, irritable bowel syndrome, leaking bowel, weight loss.


Originally we drank rainwater which contains 20ppm of H2O2. Because we now drink oxygen-poor water the stomach is low in oxygen. 2-3 Drops of H2O2 adds the 20 ppm of oxygen that is missing in the water. This seems to help aerobic bacteria remain dominant and repel anaerobic bacteria further down into the digestive system where they belong.

Spray for Irritated Throat and Cough (0.01 to 1% solution)

Application: 1-3 sprays per application.

May help with: rapid relief of sore throat, can be sprayed directly into the mouth.

Observation: When sprayed every hour - oxygen is absorbed into the blood, artificially increasing the percentage of oxygen in the blood, up to 98%!

Skin spray - (solution from 0.01 to 1%)

Observation:  May help fight acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles. Also against mosquito bites and relieves itching.

acne treatment before and after

Spray that stimulates hair regrowth - (solution at 0.01 - 1%)


The oxygen sprayed on the bald skull appears to stimulate hair production through oxygenation of the hair follicles. However, this is not instantaneous and can take several months.

hair regrowth before and after

Sinus of hay fever relief - (solution at 0.01%)

May help with: cold and flu, sinusitis, stuffy nose, runny nose, hay fever, allergies. Just spray in the nose and sniff.



Currently, this range of products is sold only in South Africa under the names:

           - H2O2 Rainsdrops

           - Bound Oxygen


The products are manufactured under license and are limited to South Africa. For more information please contact us.

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