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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This week has been very productive. Mike de Jong has actually written 3 new articles:

- Does hydrogen peroxide have any effect on insects:

It turns out that normal hydrogen peroxyde has absolutely no effect on insects. However a special formulation that Mike de Jong created has achieved excellent results in reducing insect populations by 40% per week without actually killing a single insect. This products dosed at 0.5% damages insect eggs it comes into contact with and thus indirectly reduces insect populations. Another great advantage - compared to chemical insecticides - of all our products it that it fully breaks down to water and oxygen.

- A simple solution to neutralising ammonium in liquid manure

This may not seem much of a problem in most countries, but the Netherlands are currently experiencing an emission crisis. Basically this means that too much nitrogen is being produced - party by vehicles, industry and dairy/pig farming. This method enables the ammonium in liquid manure to be rapidly converted converted into Nitrite and Nitrate which stay fixed in the manure. Ammonium on the other hand is volatile, will disperse into the atmosphere and then come down as Nitrate and pollute soils with excessive nitrate.

- Environment friendly solution to treating Monilinia (brown rot) in fruit trees.

Worldwide Monilinia or as its more commonly known "Brown-rot" cause enormous damages to fruit orchards. Using Loxyde dosed at 0.05% we were able to achieve an excellent control of this disease. In fact according to the users the results were far better than when using conventional chemicals fungicides.

All these articles can be found under www.loxyde.com/articles

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