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The main application in horticulture is (drip) irrigation systems through an initial shock treatment followed by continual dosing of 20-50 ml/m3 water.
LOXYDE has numerous benefits for horticulture/greenhouse production:

Irrigation system:

  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces/eliminates blocked drippers
  • Removes and prevents growth of biofilm in water irrigation systems.
  • Reduces disease
  • Increases production
  • Oxygenates plant roots 
Method of Application:
  • Via dripper irrigation system – to remove and prevent biofilm development in the water distribution system
  • Sprayer system
  • High pressure

Fog system

  • Dosed at low levels into the fogging water it will prevent keep the system clean of organic pollution and help prevent the spread of micro-organisms.
  • Dosed at higher concentration it can be fogged into a greenhouse to disinfect all surfaces
The use of Loxyde in drip irrigation system has shown constant increase in plant health, lower costs and increased gains.

Biocide in Horticulture
Untreated:  brown colour roots, unequal growth.

Biocide in Horticulture
Treated: White colour roots, uniform growth, increased flowering, increased leafage, no disease during growth season, increased yield, no blockage of drippers.

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